CSR/496/13 – FLM Local Compliance Inverness – Ref: 1315948

This vacancy is open at Stage 3 – Vacancies advertised to all staff, regardless of grade or department within a region

Front Line Managers apply knowledge in a range of work activities, performed in a variety of contexts with responsibility and accountability for the day to day delivery of business results by the team. The role involves responsibility for leading, managing and supporting the people and work of a team and may require remote management of a multi graded team covering a number of HMRC tax regimes, with different levels of customer compliance, including evasion.
The role is likely to involve an element of travelling with a possibility of some overnight stays away from home.
The post requires strong leadership, organisational and communication skills and the ability to adapt to differing business needs quickly.
The jobholder will be responsible for leading teams through periods of change.
You will be expected to work closely with colleagues in other areas of the business and external stakeholders.
You will apply Pacesetter principles, tools and techniques and work with your teams to improve customer experience.
The jobholder will manage resources to meet business needs, operational targets and priorities including deadlines on demand-led work and active management of attendance issues in-line with Management Framework and continue to build an effective team.
You will provide clear direction and act as role model demonstrating HMRC leadership behaviours and capability.

Salary:  – £39,643


Closing date: 2013-05-17 23:59:59

Working arrangements: 

Further information: https://jobs.civilservice.gov.uk/company/nghr/jobs.cgi?SID=amNvZGU9MTMxNTk0OCZvd25lcj01MDUwMDAwJm93bmVydHlwZT1mYWly


Competence 1: Leadership Behaviours: Build capability
Competence 2: Leadership Behaviours: Lead from the front
Competence 3: Leadership Behaviours: Keep people appropriately challenged
Competence 4: Leadership Behaviours: Drive continuous improvement in everything we do
Competence 5:
Competence 6:

Relevant professions

Tax Profession

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