The Capabilities Plan shows how skills will be improved in the four priority areas of digital, commercial, project management and leadership of change.  It will ensure that all civil servants have the tools and skills they need to deliver public services more effectively and can be deployed across departmental boundaries.
As managers this means we need to brief our teams on the four priority areas, lead their development and embed the skills into performance objectives for the year ahead.

As staff we must consider how we can develop digital services, be more commercial and manage projects better.

To create an exceptional Civil Service, each of us needs to think about what more we could be doing to improve our skills and performance.

  •  Plan how to use your five days a year for learning and development.
  •  Complete the ‘Competency Framework self-assessment tool’ on the Civil Service Learning website.
  • Read the ‘Career Development Guide and Workplace Learning Guide’ on the Civil Service Learning website.
  •  Find out more about how you can improve your skills at

Improving our capability as an organisation and as individuals will mean:
• we are better able to do our jobs
• increased job satisfaction
• less reason to buy-in skills
• better value to taxpayer
• increased employability

And so – individually and collectively – we are better able to meet the challenges of the future and deliver exceptional public service.

Sir Bob Kerslake introduces the Civil Service Capability Plan [Available on] Sir Bob describes how the Capabilities Plan needs to be used by all civil servants as part of a comprehensive new approach to developing skills.If you cannot access Audioboo you can download the MP3 file or Read the transcript

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