An exceptional Civil Service delivering the best for Britain: more skilled, less bureaucratic and more unified.

The world has changed and so must we. Rising public expectations coupled with spending cuts mean the Civil Service needs to change to meet the long-term challenges that all economies are facing.

It needs to do things faster, be smaller and to provide more services online. It needs to be more open and less bureaucratic so that civil servants are trusted to get on and get things done and be accountable for what they achieve. It needs to be more unified, so departments are more joined up. We’ll make sure civil servants have the right skills for tomorrow’s world.

Employment terms will remain among the best available. We’ll improve workplaces and IT to make it easier for civil servants to do their job. Performance management will be sharper, so the best have proper recognition and under-performers are identified and helped to improve.

Every day we must ask, are we doing things better for the people we serve? Every civil servant should be proud of their role, work to deliver exceptional service and challenge colleagues to do the same.

If we do all this, while holding fast to our core values of integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality we will be an exceptional Civil Service delivering the best for Britain.

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